Costa Nicolopoulos, BDS, FFDUAE


    Tissue Preservation and Development

    Lecture Title:

    Same-Day Restoration; Parameters for Success

    Day & Time:

    Friday, January 18, 2019  •  1:45-2:45pm

    Lecture Description & Objectives:

    With the increased costs and patient morbidity due to bone grafting often required in implant reconstructions, an increased patient resistance to implant treatment has been noted.

    In such patients with suboptimal bone volume , bone grafts can be avoided & treatment can be optimized & accelerated by placing site specific angled , wider & narrower implants in available bone. In order for these implants to be loaded immediately with SameDay teeth for immediate reconstruction & immediate function the implant mechanical stability, known as primary stability, is the most important parameter to achieve implant osseointegration.

    Primary stability and immediate loading can be optimized using the Osseodensification technique. With this technique bone density can be increased thereby allowing for increased primary stability and immediate loading with SameDay teeth. This is particularly useful and relevant in patients with osteoporotic/soft bone. Primary stability as well as other parameters for success in immediate loading with SameDay teeth will be highlighted.


    Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos qualified as a dentist in 1984 receiving his dental degree “cum laude” from Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa. He received numerous awards including the Gold Medal of the Dental Association of South Africa for the most outstanding graduate. In 1990 he completed his 4 year full time postgraduate Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgery training at Wits University and was awarded FFD (SA) MFOS from the College of Medicine of South Africa.

    Since 1991 he is in full time specialist Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgery private practice concentrating on immediate loading of dental implants. To date he has placed over 30,000 dental implants. He has also presented as a key lecturer at numerous international implant congresses.

    In 2012 , with Dr Petros oYuvanoglu,he established the SameDay Dental Implants Clinic in Dubai where he is also the co-director of the Branemark Osseointergration Center-Dubai.