Maurice Salama, DMDUSA


    Tissue Preservation and Development

    Lecture Title:

    “Reverse Engineering” and Modern Regenerative Concepts

    Day & Time:

    Saturday, January 19, 2019  •  9:45-10:45am

    Lecture Description & Objectives:

    Biological Modifiers can often be synergistically combined with advanced bone augmentation surgical techniques, guided bone regeneration and various osseous grafts to effectively establish the optimal foundation for functional and esthetic implant restorations. Horizontal and vertical ridge enhancement is frequently combined with innovative biologics utilization, growth factors and modern armamentarium to create a functional restorative frame. This lecture will cover the role of modernized technologies to enhance the implant receptor site and some of the common myths & limitations.


    Dr. Maurice A. Salama completed his undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1985, where he received his BS in Biology. Dr. Salama received his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he later received his dual specialty certification in Orthodontics and Periodontics, as well as his implant training at the Branemark Center at Penn.

    Dr. Salama is currently on the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia as Clinical Assistant Professor of Periodontics. Dr. Salama is a permanent member of the Scientific Committee of the world’s leading online Dental Education Website

    He is also a member of the Team Atlanta Dental Practice which is a multidisciplinary practice world renowned for their clinical research in reconstructive and esthetic dentistry.